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2019 Program

Roadmap 12: Test Drive the Future

"The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed."
- William Gibson, science fiction author.

Last year, over half the cars sold In Norway last year came with plugs. Shared electric scooters exploded onto many city streets (and sidewalks!) while autonomous shuttles began offering service in a few communities. Meanwhile, many parts of the world have hardly seen a trace of these "science fiction" technologies. The mobility industry is changing fast, and faster every year.

Roadmap invites participants to "test drive the future," learning from leaders in industry, communities, and government agencies. Programming will be organized around these tracks:

Cars. This track will focus on the rapid electrification of cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles, as well as new forms of shared and autonomous mobility.
Charging. Charging infrastructure is evolving quickly to meet the needs of millions of new electric vehicle drivers. This track will explore how to make charging easier, faster, and more commonplace, and how to maximize its benefits to the electrical grid.
Community. The community track explores the broader "ecosystem" needed for the market to expand, and steps that are being taken to ensure new mobility services reach the populations that will benefit from them the most.
Cutting Edge. The "cutting edge" track will feature "Ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes and workshops on emerging topics. Come learn more about tomorrow's news today!

Monday, June 17

Pre-Conference Events & Tours
This hands-on, interactive workshop is designed for utility staff who are relatively new to transportation electrification work, and will serve as an excellent foundation for first-time attendees to Roadmap. The workshop will build on Forth's white paper and years of work supporting electric utilities, but will also feature leading guest experts from across the country. This workshop will cover everything you need to know about electric vehicles, charging, what's at stake for utilities, and how to develop and implement programs to support transportation electrification.
Experience Portland on an electric bike! See key electric vehicle "landmarks" and explore Portland's easy-to-use bike infrastructure. The tour will be provided through Cycle Portland, a local bike tour company; bikes will be provided by Cycle Portland and Jump Bikes. Space is limited - register here.
There's a new electric mobility option in Portland: the e-scooter! Visit key landmarks and explore Portland's easy-to-use light mobility infrastructure. The tour will be provided through Cycle Portland, a local tour company, and scooters will be provided by Lime. Space is limited - register here. Riders must be 18 years old or older.
12:00-5:00pm Explore Oregon's Willamette Valley, unwind and get plugged in on a scenic adventure along the Willamette Valley Bounty Electric Byway! Ride in an all-electric BYD coach bus for an afternoon at Sokol Blosser Winery and Hyland Estates. Sokol Blosser and Hyland Estates are both part of Oregon's Plug + Pinot network, a collection of ten wineries that promote electric vehicle tourism and have on-site charging stations. Sokol Blosser is the 6th largest winery in Oregon and a certified B Corporation with a commitment to the earth, people and business. Hyland Vineyard is one of Oregon's oldest and largest vineyards, spanning over 200 acres of volcanic soil.

Space is limited - register and reserve your place today! (Cost: $50 - Includes wine tastings at both wineries and lunch.)
Whether this is your first Roadmap or your twelfth, we invite you to come start the conversation early as you network with your colleagues and enjoy local beer, wine, and appetizers. This year's opening reception will also highlight the importance of including communities of color and other traditionally marginalized communities in new mobility work. In a brief program around 5:00pm, we will acknowledge the sponsors and recipients of the Roadmap Equity Scholarships. Feel free to drop in at any time, and for as long as you'd like. This opening reception is included in full-conference registration and open to the public for $25.

Tuesday, June 18

Track 1: Cars

Track 2: Charging
Track 3: Community
Track 4: Cutting Edge
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Forth

Electric vehicles are leading a revolution in how drivers fuel up. Today, EV charging found at apartment buildings, workplaces, retail outlets and even traditional gasoline stations. This opening keynote will examine how key industry players are imagining the fueling station of the future, and offering new charging models and services to meet consumer needs.
Moderator: Julia Pyper | Contributing Editor, Greentech Media & Host, Political Climate Podcast
Ashley Horvat | Vice President of Public & Private Partnerships, Greenlots
John McFarland | Chief Customer Officer, Portland General Electric
Southern California Edison has developed a portfolio of charging infrastructure programs to help EV drivers across the LA basin charge their vehicles -- from everyday passenger cars to fleet and industrial vehicles. In this mini-session, learn about SCE's Charge Ready portfolio, which includes programs and pilots to charge light duty vehicles, electric trucks, buses, shuttles, and port and material handling equipment.
Jennifer Manfre | Principal Manager, Clean Energy External Engagement, Southern California Edison
10:15-11:30am Dealerships are essential to accelerating electric vehicle sales, yet dealers and salespeople face a number of structural challenges and barriers. This panel will explore the forces that influence the dealership sales process, and promising strategies to make it easier to sell electric cars.

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Alisa Reinhardt | Director of Regulatory Affairs, California New Car Dealers Association
Joe Ficalora | EV Dealership Specialist, Center for Sustainable Energy 
Zach McGuire | EV and Smart Mobility Adoption Manager, Columbus Partnership 
Neal Callinan | Electric Vehicle Product Manager, Xcel Energy 
Heath Carney, PhD | Principal, Sustainable Transportation Solutions 
Eric Cahill | Program Director, Plug In America 
Electric utility rates are one of the key factors that influences whether driving on electricity is cheaper than burning gasoline; whether customers charge in ways that maximize benefits for everyone; and whether fast charging is affordable or feasible. At the same time, complicated rates can discourage electric vehicle sales. This panel will review promising models from around the country.
Moderator: Sara Rafalson | Director, Market Development, EVgo
Max Baumhefner | Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council
Cyndee Fang | Manager of Energy Research & Analysis, SDG&E
Erika Myers | Principal, Transportation Electrification, Smart Electric Power Alliance
Josh Stebbins | Managing Attorney, Sierra Club, Environmental Law Program
Aaron Young | Utility Programs Lead, Electrify America 
Traditionally underserved communities face many barriers to electric vehicle adoption, from charging challenges to a lack of culturally appropriate marketing. This panel will explore strategies to improve access and awareness to increase electric vehicle use in communities of color and other traditionally underserved populations.
Moderator: Sergio Lopez | Program Manager, Forth
Lauri Walker | Senior Project Manager, Equity Transportation, Center for Sustainable Energy 
Tin Le | Staff Specialist, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Terry Travis | Co-Founder, EVHybridNoire
Adam Mohabbat | Lead, Strategic Initiatives, EVgo 
Hold on to your seat! Some sessions in this track will feature a half-dozen "ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes each, with brief Q&A periods afterwards, exploring a diverse range of cutting edge topics. These short-format talks are guaranteed to get you talking!
Moderator: Ben Farrow | Manager, Carbon Policy, Puget Sound Energy
Harm Weken | FIER Automotive 
Jay Friedland | Senior Policy Advisor, Plug In America 
Jessica Reichers | Technology and Policy Manager, Oregon Department of Energy 
Scott Hardman | Researcher, UC Davis 
Michelle Kinman | Director of Transportation, Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator 
Steve Bloch | Western Regional Vice President, ABB Inc. 
Fred Schaefer | Principal, Cadeo 
12:30-1:45pm Pilot projects around the world are helping identify and overcome the barriers to electrifying shared mobility services like ride sharing, ride hailing, and taxi fleets. This panel will explore promising strategies to electrify shared mobility, and the lessons we are learning along the way.
Moderator: Nick Nigro | Founder, Atlas Public Policy
Tegan Molloy | Program Manager, Forth
Pete Slowik | Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation 
Michael Marx | Executive Director, Corporate Ethics International
Jen Roberton | Transportation Policy Advisor, NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability
Electric drive is rapidly moving into the heavy duty vehicle market. Panelists will explore the accelerating rate of change in this sector, predict which segments are likely to electrify first, and discuss the most promising strategies for managing this increasingly heavy electrical load.

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Julie Furber | Vice President - Electrified Power, Cummins 
Rustam Kocher | Charging Infrastructure Lead, Daimler Trucks North America
Sam Jammal | Senior Manager, Government Relations, BYD
Samantha Houston | Vehicles Analyst, Clean Vehicles Program, Union of Concerned Scientists 
Josh Loyd | Utility Consultant, Burns & McDonnell 
Bill Van Amburg | Executive Vice President, CALSTART 
The race is on, as regions around the world vie to become electric mobility leaders. Come hear what's in the works from leaders of some of the fastest-moving electric mobility regions.
Moderator: Paul Stith | Director, Strategy & Innovation, Black & Veatch
James Campbell | Policy Adviser, PacifiCorp/RMP 
Greg Gaug | Vice President of Investments, Ulupono Initiative 
Stefan Büchele | Deputy Director of Administration, International Cooperation, Automotive Baden-Württemberg e-mobil BW 
Christina Ianniciello | Director, Clean Transportation, Province of British Columbia
Brendan Jordan | Vice President, Great Plains Institute
Autonomous vehicle technology promises improved safety and efficiency, lower costs, and better environmental outcomes. But how quickly is it coming, where will we see it first, and how can we ensure we are maximizing the positives and minimizing negative side effects?

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Jeanette Shaw | Senior Director, Public Affairs and Policy, Forth
Amitai Bin-Nun | Vice President, Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE) 
Karen Giese | Smart Cities Program Manager, Siemens 
Wayne Killen | Director, Charging Infrastructure Planning & Business Development, Electrify America 
2:15-3:30pm The US Department of Energy has funded three "showcase" projects to provide hands-on consumer experiences in convenient, brand neutral settings. Similar efforts have also emerged in other regions. These range from long term stationary settings like Forth's Northwest Electric Showcase to weekend events around the region. What are we learning from these projects, and how can they inform work in other regions?
Moderator: Linda Bluestein 
Zach Henkin | Deputy Director, Forth 
Lisa Thurstin | Manager, Clean Air, American Lung Association in Minnesota 
Kat Urquhart | Program Manager, Plug In America 
Mark Singer | Sr. Transportation Analyst, National Renewable Energy Laboratory 
Are smart charging and "V2X" technologies finally ready to move from pilot projects to widespread adoption? Our panelists will explore projects underway, lessons learned, and the path ahead.

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Karen Giese | Smart Cities Program Manager, Siemens
Baerte De Brey | Chief International Officer, ElaadNL 
Karen Hsu | Senior Director, Business Development, Utilities, eMotorWerks
Marc Trahand | EVP, Marketing, Nuvve Corporation 
Barton Sidles | Director of Corporate and Business Development, Hubject Inc. 
Oliver Garnett | Consultant, E3 
An increasing number of projects are being tested to bring the benefits of electric, shared, and autonomous vehicles to traditionally underserved communities. This panel will highlight the most promising, sustainable, and scalable projects, and the lessons learned to date.
Moderator: Hana Creger | Environmental Equity Program Manager, The Greenlining Institute
Graciela Garcia | Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Resources Board 
Zach Franklin | Chief Strategy Officer, GRID Alternatives 
Darren Epps | Electric Transportation Manager, Georgia Power 
Tara Lynn Gray | President & CEO, Fresno Metro Black Chamber and Fresno Metro Black Chamber Foundation
Hold on to your seat! Some sessions in this track will feature a half-dozen "ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes each, with brief Q&A periods afterwards, exploring a diverse range of cutting edge topics. These short-format talks are guaranteed to get you talking!
Moderator: Eva DeCesaro | Electric Transportation Project Manager, Pacific Power
Molly Amendt | VP of Clean Transportation, C2 Group 
Kevin Matthews | Managing Director, National Strategies, LLC 
Forest Williams | Director of New Business Development, Liberty PlugIns
Marie Steele | Principal, e-centricity, LLP 
Anna Vanderspek | Energy Programs Manager, Green Energy Consumers Alliance 
Alan Mace | HD Market Manager, Ballard Power Systems Inc. 
Ben Prochazka | Vice President, Electrification Coalition 
From taxis to ambulances, from delivery and security services to municipal and utilities, a growing number of fleets are going electric. Incorporating or transitioning to electrical vehicles (EV) requires a specific approach. Many cities, governments and private businesses have started to transition their gas-powered fleets to EVs. What exactly is the role of the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in the transition? Who says EV, also says EVSE, but in a fleet context what does this really imply? Learn how cities, government and private companies have switched to EVs, maximized benefits, while reducing total cost of ownership through power management, and successfully transitioned to charging stations in a smooth and seamless manner, while remaining efficient. There have, of course, been a few bumps in the road and we will highlight how these organizations managed to get around these issues and the key points to address when transitioning to ans EV fleet.
Rafaël Van Coppneolle | Product Line Manager, AddEnergie | FLO
Sponsored by:
One of the most popular recurring elements in the Roadmap series, this live focus group will ground attendees in the real-world challenges facing expanded electric vehicle adoption. Professional facilitators from Opinion Dynamics will quiz drivers, and audience members can pose questions of their own in real time. This year's session will focus on the role customers want their electric utility to play in transportation electrification.
Sponsored by:

Wednesday, June 19

Track 1: Cars

Track 2: Charging
Track 3: Community
Track 4: Cutting Edge
Holland E-Mobility is hosting a workshop around the opportunities of Smart Charging and Smart eMobility. This workshop is organized to get to know the Dutch 'movers and shakers' and explore collaboration and business development between smart mobility organizations in the Netherlands and the United States. The workshop will include short presentations and round table discussions, highlighting solutions for EV charging for apartments and multi-unit dwellings; a vehicle-to-grid technology pilot run by ElaadNL and Renault in Utrecht, and smart charging pilots in the Netherlands and Europe. Breakfast will be served during the workshop. Space is limited; please RSVP here.
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Forth
Transportation is the second greatest expense for most households, and past transportation investments have often reinforced patterns of inequality and exclusion. As a result, traditionally underserved communities have less access to clean mobility access; higher mobility costs; and fewer economic opportunities in new mobility industries. Our keynote speaker will highlight the importance of reversing this trend, and both inspire and challenge us to take on this work.
Jessica Vega Pedersen | Commissioner, Multnomah County
9:20-9:30am The world's largest electric vehicle conference, the International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS), is coming to Portland on June 14-17, 2020 and Roadmap 13 will be held in conjunction with EVS33. EDTA President Genevieve Cullen will highlight what to look forward to in June 2020.
Genevieve Cullen | President, Electric Drive Transportation Association
The CHAdeMO Association is working with China to develop ultra-fast charging standards; CharIN is working to establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the global standard; and Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger network. This session will bring together senior representatives from these three organizations to explore some pressing questions: What is their strategy for providing increasingly high-power charging? What do they see as the advantages of their system? Do they think all three systems will coexist globally indefinitely into the future, or will there be convergence?
Moderator: John Voelcker | Automotive Journalist & Industry Analyst
Takafumi Anegawa | President of Research Institute, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) 
Oleg Logvinov | President & CEO, IoTecha
The EV Charging Carbon Coalition has developed an innovative new accredited methodology that allows charging systems to sell credits to voluntary carbon markets, earning a potential incremental 5-10% return on capital. This panel will discuss the process, how it works, and what it means for charging providers and businesses as well as benefits and implications for the grid with increasing EV sales.
Moderator: Sue Hall | CEO, Climate Neutral Business Network
Wayne Killen | Director, Charging Infrastructure Planning & Business Development, Electrify America
Matt Macunas | Legislative Liaison and Senior Marketing Manager, Connecticut Green Bank
Pamela MacDougall | Clean Energy Grid Integration Science Fellow, Climate and Clean Energy Program, NRDC
11:00am-12:15pm Cities around the world are pledging to completely electrify their fleets. In China, Shenzen has already electrified its entire fleet of over 16,000 buses. This panel will explore the strategies that cities are using to rapidly electrify their fleets, meet their charging needs, and move from demonstration projects to full-scale electrification.
Moderator: Kyle Pynn | Electric Vehicle Business Line Manager, Burns & McDonnell 
John DeBoer | Head of eMobility, Siemens North America 
Kent Leacock | Director of Government Relations, Proterra 
David Roberts | Senior Consultant, VEIC 
Dr. Holmes Hummel | Principal & Founder, Clean Energy Works 
Over 15 states have initiated some type of proceeding, workshop, or rate case in the past year in which regulated utilities are proposing electric vehicle programs. These include all regions in the country - Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Texas-ERCOT, Midwest, and the Western states. State agencies, led by their Public Utility Commissions, have initiated a number of workshops and proceedings on electric vehicle topics as well, including issues of "what is a public utility" as well as complex issues related to program design, dynamic or time of use rates, rate design issues, stakeholder groups, and education and outreach. This panel will explore some of the following questions: What are some of the best practices and lessons learned from both California and other states in early programs? What will it take to scale up programs from the pilot phase to larger scale? What are some good examples of utility programs that have worked? How are utilities working with vendors and other stakeholders to accelerate these deployments?

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Phil Jones | Executive Director, Alliance for Transportation Electrification (ATE)
Lang Reynolds | Director, Electric Transportation, Duke Energy
Chris Budzynski | Director, Utility Policy, Exelon Utilities
Greg Bernosky | Director, Strategy Integration and Implementation, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation
John Markowitz, PE, CEM | Evolve NY, New York Power Authority (NYPA)
Joe Halso | Associate Attorney, Sierra Club
Katherine Stainken | Policy Director, Plug-in America
China is now responsible for over half the electric vehicles sold worldwide, and its leadership on transportation electrification continues to accelerate. This session will explore the latest trends, the key players, and the implications for global electric vehicle markets.
Moderator: Eric Huang | Program Manager, Forth
Xiaohua Ding | Deputy Director, Shanghai Electric Vehicle Public Data Collecting Monitoring and Research Center 
Jianhua Chen | Program Officer, Energy Foundation Beijing Office 
Xiang Zhang | Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology 
David Sandalow | Inaugural Fellow, Center on Global Energy Policy & Co-Director, Energy and Environment Concentration, Columbia University 
Hold on to your seat! Some sessions in this track will feature a half-dozen "ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes each, with brief Q&A periods afterwards, exploring a diverse range of cutting edge topics. These short-format talks are guaranteed to get you talking!
Moderator: Patty Monahan | Commissioner, California Energy Commission
Jennifer Green | Director of Sustainability and Workforce Vitality, City of Burlington 
Michael Chiacos | Director of Energy and Climate Programs, Community Environmental Council 
Jennifer States | Senior Consultant, DNV GL 
Tom Okada | Executive Director of Business Development, WiTricity 
Megha Lakhchaura | Director, Policy and Utility Programs, EVBox 
Alexis Schayowitz | Director, Transportation, ICF 
Grace Van Horn | Consultant, M.J. Bradley & Associates 
An increasing number of states, regions, and countries are setting formal goals to reach 100% of new vehicle sales zero emission vehicles. How might leading regions make good on these pledges? What is a transition likely to look like? What supporting policies and investments will we need to get there?
Moderator: Anthony Eggert | Director - Transportation, ClimateWorks
Dr. Daniel Sperling | Distinguished Professor and Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis (ITS-Davis)
Jianhua Chen | Program Officer, Energy Foundation Beijing Office 
Espen Hauge | President, AVERE - the European Association for Electromobility
Andrea Pratt | Climate & Transportation Policy Advisor, City of Seattle
1:45-3:00pm Who is buying electric cars, and who will buy them in the future? It's time to move beyond simplistic views of the market and "early adopters." This panel will introduce different ways to think about electric car buyers and their needs, to help us convince more of them to choose electric vehicles.
Moderator: Marc Deutsch | American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Brett Williams | Senior Principal Advisor, EV Programs, Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) 
Carolyn Parrs | CEO, Mind Over Markets 
Geoffrey Abraham | Principle, Creative Director, Self Brand Studio 
Jonathan Levy | Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, EVgo 
Cities that want more people to walk and bike need to have sidewalks, bike lanes, and bike parking; likewise, cities that want to electrify transportation need to make room in the public right of way for charging. This panel will explore promising models and strategies to make charging your car as easy as parking it.
Jorge Madrid | Senior Program Manager, Cities, Energy Foundation
Ethan Sprague | VP Sales, FreeWire Technologies, Inc. 
Rafaël Van Coppenolle | Product Line Manager, Services FLO Inc. 
Shannon Walker | New Mobility, Electric & Autonomous Vehicle Lead, Seattle DOT 
Fuel cell electric vehicles are becoming increasingly available outside of California. What strategies will most effectively speed their expansion to the rest of the United States?

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Tyson Eckerle | Deputy Director, ZEV Infrastructure, Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development, State of California 
Stephen Ellis | Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicle Marketing, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 
Brian Goldstein | Executive Director, Energy Independence Now
Craig Scott | National Manager, Advanced Technologies Group, Toyota 
Hold on to your seat! Some sessions in this track will feature a half-dozen "ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes each, with brief Q&A periods afterwards, exploring a diverse range of cutting edge topics. These short-format talks are guaranteed to get you talking!
Moderator: Prachi Vakharia | Advisory Board Member, International Association of Transportation Regulators
Piotr Chmielewski | Vice President Business Development, GreenFlux 
Andre Javier-Barry | Senior Account Manager and Business Development, D+R International  
April Bolduc | President, S Curve Strategies 
Alex Hanson | Senior Advisor on Vehicle Incentives, UK's Office of Low Emissions Vehicles 
Randal Kaufman | Sales Director, Black & Veatch 
Alan Bates | Portland GM, Envoy Technologies
Jordan Davis | Director, Smart Cities, Columbus Partnership
3:30-4:45pm Several brand neutral campaigns are bringing public and private sector actors together to promote electric mobility as a class. This session will provide an overview of several of these campaigns, the lessons they are learning, and the implications for other regions.

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Anne Snyder Grassmann | Portland General Electric
Lisa Chiladakis | Manager, Technology and Programs, Veloz 
Kelly Yearick | Program Manager, Forth
Matt Streit | Senior Vice President, Edelman 
Richard Steinberg | Senior Director of Green Cities, Marketing and Communications, Electrify America 
Many local governments have made bold commitments to electrify local mobility, and they know that will require more charging infrastructure. However, most cities have limited resources to directly fund charging themselves. This panel will explore strategies that cities can use to streamline, simplify, and accelerate the installation of more charging infrastructure in their communities.

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Kelly Shultz | Bloomberg
Susan Freedman | Senior Regional Energy/Climate Planner, San Diego Association of Governments 
Jesse Way | Climate Policy Analyst, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) 
Mike Usen | Senior Transportation and Environmental Planner, DKS Associates 
Michael Terreri | Program Manager, GNA 
Matthew Nelson | Director of Government Affairs, Electrify America 
State level electric vehicle leadership has been accelerating on the coasts, and expanding to more states as well. What state-level policies and actions will have the greatest impact on accelerating transportation electrification?

Sponsored by:

Moderator: Sue Gander | Director, Environment, Energy & Transportation Division, National Governors Association
Cassie Powers | Managing Director, Programs, NASEO 
Gina Coplon-Newfield | Director, Clean Transportation for All Campaign, Sierra Club 
Sophie Shulman | Chief of Innovative Mobility, Colorado DOT 
Representative Jake Fey | 27th Legislative District, State of Washington 
Hold on to your seat! Some sessions in this track will feature a half-dozen "ignite" style talks of 5-7 minutes each, with brief Q&A periods afterwards, exploring a diverse range of cutting edge topics. These short-format talks are guaranteed to get you talking!
Moderator: John Morris | D+R International
William Murtha | Reporter, Argus Media 
Carlo De La Cruz | Senior Campaign Representative, My Generation, Sierra Club 
Mark Tang | Staff Specialist, Bay Area Air Quality Management District 
Lisa Arellanes | Senior Manager, Business Development & Partnerships, Transportation Electrification, Southern California Edison 
Tyler Petersen | Senior Manager, EV Initiatives, Center for Sustainable Energy 
Sarah McKearnan | Senior Policy Advisor, NESCAUM 
Espen Hauge | President, AVERE - the European Association for Electromobility 
Jeff Allen | Executive Director, Forth

Thursday, June 20

Post-Conference Events
In this workshop, we will explore the benefits of encouraging smart and managed charging for both light and heavy-duty vehicles; the technologies and programs that are most effective to encourage smart charging behavior; how to encourage smart charging without discouraging transportation electrification; and strategies to prepare to take advantage of V2X technology. It is designed for utility staff who are actively engaged in transportation electrification and/or demand response programs. In addition to Forth staff, the program will draw on leading global experts who are attending the Roadmap conference.
Forth is supporting the American Cities Climate Challenge, an unprecedented opportunity for 25 ambitious cities to significantly deepen and accelerate their efforts to tackle climate change. Representatives from these cities will be attending Roadmap to deepen their understanding of how transportation electrification and new mobility strategies can contribute to their efforts. During this hands-on workshop, participating city staff will dig deeper into key issues and strategies, and discuss how best to apply what they have learned to their local efforts.

View last year's conference program here.